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Confronting The Hidden Struggles Behind Entrepreneurship

Jack Crocker – a highly-acclaimed entrepreneur, licensed general contractor and businessman with several companies, including Classic Home Improvements and Classic Custom Homes, under his name.



Jack Crocker

All of us have heard about famous entrepreneurship stories. A founder establishes their business, gains immense success overnight, scales fast, and the rags to riches story come to life. Looking at them makes a lot of people think it cannot be that hard to attain that level of success the same way, right? But no – reality proves to be far more difficult than it seems.

Typically, not all startups end up reaching success, especially when it comes to construction, which currently holds the highest record of failure rates in startup businesses. Entrepreneurship is not an easy path, and it takes a lot of rainy days for the owner to finally experience rainbows and sunshine.

Fortunately, the construction industry has brought forth some successful individuals who have made it big, like Jack Crocker – a highly-acclaimed entrepreneur, licensed general contractor and businessman with several companies, including Classic Home Improvements and Classic Custom Homes, under his name.

His career did not start out easy either. At the young age of sixteen, he started working as a job site laborer during the summer and worked his way up from a field worker to a foreman in multiple trades. In 1998, he had to deal with the challenge of moving his family to Southern California and building his own window factory, which initially started out as a struggle, but he managed to work his way around to stabilize it.

From there on, things started to get busy for him. He was invited to build both plumbing and concrete divisions for Campbell Concrete in San Diego and beyond. He worked at RCR Companies as a Division Manager in 2000, where he grew his large connection of business networks and led his team into remodeling bathrooms and kitchens and eventually setting up his prestigious companies.

His venture, Classic Home Improvements, was a Big 50 Award Winner in 2016 and was named on Qualified Remodeler Magazine’s Top 500 from 2014 to 2018. In many of his interviews, Crocker has often talked about the struggles of being an entrepreneur and shared his experiences in hopes that they can help aspiring entrepreneurs take a step forward in their careers.

Balancing Work Life

One of the biggest hurdles of managing a business is that the first few years will make it difficult for you to maintain a healthy balance in your work-life. You will find yourself being zealous, obsessed, and driven to make things work your way – and you are not the only one.

Many entrepreneurs tend to think that way as well, but we make the mistake of thinking that if our success is not set in stone, we will need to adjust all our life aspects into our work – which is frankly not good for you in the long run.

Make time for your socializing because entrepreneurship is a lonely career, and you need close friends around to support you. You should also take breaks between work to reduce your chances of getting burnout and make your brain relax so that you can have more productive energy further ahead.

Expecting The Ups and Downs of Business

Being the owner of any business means that there will always be unpredictability in what happens to your company in the future. There will always be some unexpected logistics issues, financing, staffing, and other kinds of problems that will block your way to success. Building resilience is the key to withstanding the nonlinear events of your business. Most problems will come during the first few years of your business, usually involving the foundations of your business processes. But eventually, you learn from these experiences, and you become more adept at handling unexpected events with more efficiency.

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