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Business Continuity in Times of a Global Pandemic – Tools to Help You Succeed



Regardless of the type of business, all industries face the same challenge in the face of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) that affects the entire United States and the world in general. However, there are ways you can continue working, even remotely and digitally.

How to connect with your customers remotely? How to close a business when you can’t even shake hands with them?

Many local businessmen are coming together to share free technology tools to keep your business afloat during the COVID-19 outbreak.

One of these is Julio Rocha, Orlando financial advisor who joined Jairo Borja, advisor to Borja Consulting Group , to create the workshop “Reinventing Business Development and Networking”, a free virtual workshop on Wednesday, March 18 from from 4 pm

In a virtual interview from New Jersey, Borja stressed that we have to “keep meeting, still do marketing.” “With what is happening now with the coronavirus it is important to reinvent yourself and always have tools like these,” said Borja, vice president of Prospánica.

The idea is to stay visible through conferences, meetings and even “networking” remotely, so you do not lose contact with your customers and employees. “We have to get ahead, we cannot sit around waiting for what happens. That is what we are doing,” said Rocha, president of Prospánica.

The trader, owner of Rocha Financial, explained that it is time to focus on “the current business and the business of the future.” Here are some of their recommendations:

Shift your focus from vendor “to public relations officer for your company,” Rocha said. The first step, he said, is to contact “all your clients, ask how they are and offer your additional services in advance,” he said.

Stay visible and don’t lose touch. “It is important to connect with customers and say, ‘Hey, we are here. We are here to help you. How can we help you with our services? ”M Jairo

Connect to technology: You have to do the same as you did before with your clients and to continue growing your company. “You are going to have to go to all the new systems. He who does not move in what comes to the cyber business will perish, “said Rocha.

Digital tools for entrepreneurs:

The new reality and the future of companies is in digital platforms. COVID-19 is an opportunity to learn them quickly. “It will be the future until there is a vaccine or until this decreases,” said Borja. Among the tools that they will present in the virtual workshop Reinventing Business Development and Networking are:

Go to meeting: Allows you to make virtual meetings with people around the world through the computer, tablet or cell phone. Shows photos, videos and presentations Powerpoint or documents of Excel. The program offers 15 free days in which you can hold meetings with up to 250 participants. Thereafter, the monthly cost is $ 20 a month. Rocha recommends using the free period “to start trying to master the system” and connecting with colleagues, employees and customers.

Mail Chimp: The platform is similar to the Constant Contact program, since it manages your contacts and offers you marketing tools to connect and grow your clientele or audience. Design messages and campaigns through email, social media and streaming. The basic subscription is free, but the advanced elements range from $ 10 to $ 300 per month.

LinkedIn: The portal is much more than an avenue to post your resume. Linked In has specialized networking groups ranging from professional women to niche business entrepreneurs.

These are just some tools that you can use in order to keep your business afloat in times of a global pandemic.

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