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Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence & The Future of Digital Marketing & Advertising for Brands & Consumers

Venturing in the world of entrepreneurship and digital marketing in 2013, Nigel Quadros is distinguished as a mastermind behind building brands across the Middle East and Europe.



Nigel Quadros
Photo by Nigel Quadros

Blockchain innovation is seen as a pledge that will give us back control of our digital lives through decentralization and community control, along with providing forthrightness of financial and data flows.

Blockchain can possibly restore data control to data owners while empowering the targeted digital advertising that consumer brands depend on. Blockchain could improve both the effect of digital marketing and its impact on the customer while making advantages and efficiencies to the organizations to whom digital advertising campaigns cost an arm or a leg.

Data Owners Will Gain Control

From the get-go in the Blockchain’s rise came its potential for giving back data control to individual data owners. Blockchain advancement developed the worries over illegal data gathering, information use, and breach of data. Consumers started to understand their data was frequently openly accessible on the net or bought and sold for enormous benefits by organizations, risking their personally identifiable information.

Indeed, even in the most trustworthy use, shoppers give their information to brands, and brands utilize this to refine their marketing strategies. Targeted digital marketing permits brands to improve their sales significantly. Indeed, even with shoppers getting ads relevant to them, this information assortment is still frequently obtrusive. Add to this blend third parties, which assemble and merchant information and have made millions from this action, some of which is far from being credible. The shopper has lost control of their data and gave these third parties the chance to bring in cash from something that is not theirs.  

One vision of Blockchain is that customers would inevitably be empowered to have a grip on their digital wallet, which contains their information, along with sharing picked information with chosen parties and complete comprehension of data sharing consents,” says Nigel Quadros, Founder of AndroGuru and iOSGuru

We conversed with Nigel Quadros, the renowned digital evangelist with expertise in AI, IoT, Blockchain, and digital advertising, to learn how Blockchain can benefit digital marketing empowering brands and consumers.

Venturing in the world of entrepreneurship and digital marketing in 2013, Nigel Quadros is distinguished as a mastermind behind building brands across the Middle East and Europe. He is highly recognized as the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of AndroGuru, the world’s No.1 Android website for news and reviews. Also known as the Co-Founder and Director of WHN Digital, a web design and development company, and Director and Co-Founder of iOSGuru, a news provider for iOS, Nigel Quadros has created his stance in the global market in a short time. Let’s dig in to know what the tech maven has to say about Blockchain and digital marketing.

Content Monetization

Content is indispensable for marketing, which is why Bill Gates once gate ‘Content is the King’. Without billions of things of “content” posted on Facebook, the social media griffin could never make its millions from advertisers. As crowds see content, they additionally observe the adverts that encompass it. Content promotes items and speaks to the audience on behalf of the item and service sites.

Customers, bloggers, and streamers make content typically; however, imagine a scenario in which they could be remunerated, legitimately, for this work instead of the content platforms or outsiders associated with publicizing.

“Various platforms are developing and thriving, planning to disturb content creation and cut out content brokers by remunerating users legitimately with crypto payments for their content-making endeavors. In short, Blockchain is establishing trust among content creators and content buyers, diminishing the need for a broker site, that could save both parties a few bucks,” says Nigel Quadros.

Blockchain, Affiliate Marketing & Digital Marketing Campaigns

Affiliate Marketing today frequently includes another site acting as an affiliate platform and a party that offers the affiliate program for a brand to the end advertiser or marketer. Both the promoter and the affiliate advertiser pay a charge to the affiliate network. Despite the fact that some are genuinely trustworthy, others have been blamed for setting milestone payments excessively high, retaining payments, or working with corrupt publicists. Affiliate fraud additionally exists.

“Blockchain can possibly connect merchants with advertisers legitimately giving straightforwardness of information, clicks, and interaction, forestalling fraud and eliminating the need for a middleman,” says Nigel Quadros.

There are many issues for brands running direct marketing campaigns. At present, brands can see the impacts of marketing efforts; however, they frequently can’t wholly comprehend what endeavors precisely boosted their sales. Data produced by a digital marketing campaign’s analytics can be off base and difficult to verify, so improving a campaign or, in any event, recognizing a fruitful one to replicate can be troublesome.

Misrepresentation is an issue in digital advertising as bots, click farms, and ghost sites can contort the action apparent from digital advertising. This misrepresentation could cost the business, and publicists, huge bucks.

“With the assistance of blockchain, it’s currently conceivable to track marketing campaigns in near real-time, with credible metrics,” says Nigel Quadros. “One of the fundamental reasons why blockchain matters to business is that it can check, store and specifically share information across numerous parties, all more safely in this manner elevating trust,” he adds.

A blockchain system can, for instance, record verified digital outlets and test advertising measures like impressions to forestall fraud. Values can be checked to a blockchain with a timestamp and safely imparted to just allowed stakeholders. “Include a touch of artificial intelligence, and its capacity to recognize anomalies, to this blend and the digital advertising will gain useful tools that can reduce cost and cut middleman all while enhancing efficiencies,” says Nigel Quadros.

Brands and promoters find that Blockchain can genuinely create trust and transparency in digital marketing and advertising endeavors.

“It’s not simply organizations that will have the option to benefit by boosting their advertising spend and limiting expenses. Buyers would now be able to look to blockchain platforms that permit them to control their information and even permit them to profit from it rather than promoters and their middle people. Content makers, as well, can start to take an immediate reward in the digital forms of money for their endeavors,” says Nigel Quadros.

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