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Binge-Watching – The New Way to Consume Content

Something that made users consume them consecutively instead of waiting for the next episode. Binge means excessive indulgence, so binge-watching means bingeing on audiovisual content.



Binge-Watching The New Way to Consume Content

If you are a user of content streaming platforms, such as Netflix or HBO, you will have thought many times to watch “just one more episode,” and always end up being 6 or 7. But, did you know that this phenomenon is not unique, and is called binge-watching?

What is Binge-Watching?

With the use of new technologies, the practice of adopting Anglo-Saxon terms in our vocabulary has been standardized. And that is what happens with binge-watching. You may not know what this word refers to, but what if we talk about binging on series?

This term, in itself, is not new. It began to be used in the 90s due to the sale of entire seasons of series by packages, something that made users consume them consecutively instead of waiting for the next episode. Binge means excessive indulgence, so binge-watching means bingeing on audiovisual content.

Binge-Watching and Netflix

When we talk about binging on series, it’s impossible not to think about Netflix, because we all have. But is binge-watching good for us?

The truth is that, although Netflix works by favoring binge-watching since one of its main characteristics is that it uploads the entire seasons of its series, the truth is that it avoids this term. You won’t find it on any of their marketing materials Why?

Well, very easy, because it is a behavior that can generate addiction, yes, addiction to series. This is because the fact of shutting yourself up at home and doing a series of marathons generates comfort and a feeling of isolation and security. Have you ever had a bad day and spent hours watching a series? There you have it! It is due to this negative connotation that Netflix does not agree with the term, although they affirm that its great success resides in this new way of consuming television.

Characteristics of Binge-Watching

Today this new way of consuming content is being studied due to all that it entails. Thus, according to Variety, the most widely used device for binge-watching is the television, with the laptop behind. This is because when we start doing “Netflix & Chill” we do it well, comfortable on the sofa or in bed resting.

Another of the most important data is that the type of series influences the probability of binge-watching. If the user is going to spend a lot of time watching a series, it has to be good and have a continuous story or really good independent episodes. And for samples, examples such as The Sopranos, The Wire, Game of Thrones or Black Mirror.

And what about age? Studies determine that the majority of the percentage of users who perform series marathons are between 18 and 30 years old. That is, millennials are more likely to binge-watch. No wonder, right?

Should We Continue to Binge on Series?

Well, determining if binge-watching is good or bad is complicated, let’s say it’s not something that is black or white. Initially, doing series marathons is not a bad thing, as long as it is done in a moderate way. If they release the new season of Game of Thrones and you see it in two days but you continue with your life, you don’t have to worry.

It is at the moment when we become obsessed with a series or being at home locked up just watching Netflix without having contact with the outside when you should start worrying about a possible addiction to the series, just like what happens with smartphone addiction or to technology.

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