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Best Things Entrepreneurs Should Do on Valentine’s Day

The biggest challenge that entrepreneurs face on Valentine’s Day is to manage their own love life and make sure that they strategize and execute marketing plans.




Entrepreneurs need to develop unique strategies that they can use to market their products and engage with their audiences. The biggest challenge that entrepreneurs face on Valentines Day is to manage their own love life and make sure that they strategize and execute marketing plans that they have come up with for their own businesses.

To decide the ways they will celebrate the Day of Love and Friendship, more and more consumers run a Google search. And it is from February 11 when these searches skyrocket, so you still have time to take advantage of the date to increase your sales.

As an entrepreneur, this is just one of many insights you need to look at. If you’re not actively changing your marketing strategy to appeal to different audiences come Valentine’s Day, you’re probably going to suffer in terms of traffic. 

It’s much easier said than done. To develop an exciting strategy, entrepreneurs need to first see how trends evolve and develop over time. 

Searches Accelerate from February 11

The most popular search terms are: box of chocolates, stuffed animals, a bouquet of flowers, poems, phrases, gifts, letters, food and what to give.

Emojis say more than a thousand words. You need to add as many Emojis as possible in the content you’re writing, especially blogs, to make sure that you can target relevant audiences.

Your page speed is critical: it’s proven that you can get up to 27% more conversions and 36% less bounce rate for every second of speed on a mobile site.

Attract and fall in love with your customers

Don’t limit yourself to traditional coupons or discounts on products! Check out these 10 marketing tactics suitable for MSMEs: they adapt to any budget and can be varied to reach different objectives and targets.

1. Launch a competition on Twitter

Ask your followers to send you romantic messages for their partners. The best ones will appear in your store window or be included in a video. They will also receive some of your products or services as a prize.

2. Do Not Forget the Classic E-mail

Carry out an Email campaign with your database to send them offers or promotions alluding to the Day of Love and Friendship. But beware! Engaging content will be of little use if the Email’s subject does not tempt your readers. Here are some ideas:

  • We are in love ❤️ with these offers
  • Valentine’s deals for you and yours 
  • Opening this Email suits you 

3. Prepare a Social Media Survey

With Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Google recommends that you design a highly visual survey that generates interaction among your followers in exchange for a prize or promotion. Preferably:

  • Post a single question with two options
  • Present a different study every day
  • Make sure the options are related to your brand

This tool is widely used in clothing stores. For example, they feature two different outfits for followers to choose which one they would wear on a date.

4. Promote Yourself with Hashtags

Hashtag campaigns are perfect for engaging and promoting your brand. To achieve this, you have to create a hashtag that, in addition to being memorable, is suitable for your products or services. An example is Red Bull and its #PutACanOnIt campaign, in which followers submitted almost 10,000 creative photos with a can of this drink.

5. Remember the Couples!

The 2×1 offers can be transformed into special promotions for lovers, such as “Buy yours and we’ll give you your partner’s.” It also contemplates singles, putting together exclusive promotions for best friends.

6. Send Valentine’s Card to Your Customers

This date is special to retain your current customer base. After all, remember that they are the object of your affection for choosing your business and keeping it afloat. Remember to congratulate them with an electronic card.

If the design is not your forte, turn to a professional. And don’t worry about incurring messages that could be seen as corny. Just go casual with a simple message, like “Customers like you are at the heart of our business.” This e-card will have an invaluable plus if you include a special offer.

7. Ask your Audience to Share their Stories

Believe it or not, there are users on social networks who are eager to share their stories -lucky and not so lucky- of love. Ask your users to post some romantic, funny or sad anecdote. Those who win more likes will get a prize or promotion of your business.

8. Create a Hall of Fame

Just as you read it, one strategy that has been used successfully is to create a kind of “Hall of Fame” for the worst Valentine’s gifts. It consists of launching a call on social networks for people to share the most inappropriate or bizarre gifts.

This initiative should be complemented with a section or microsite on your website, as well as a related hashtag. Of course, the idea is that the gifts in question have been given with good intentions to keep the campaign positive.

9. Join Forces and Establish Alliances

Remember that you are competing with other companies to win the choice of a limited number of consumers. However, many of these businesses are not direct competitors but offer complementary products to yours.

Consider the possibility of making an alliance in which both can benefit, offering a valuable solution to your client. Imagine when you can save last-minute shoppers with a package that covers all of their Valentine’s gifts in one purchase.

10. Respond to Last-Minute Purchases

Yes, many clients will make up their minds on the 13th or even in the early hours of February 14. Think about how your business can offer them a quick and timely response. For example, put together special packages, so desperate buyers don’t have to overthink their decision.

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