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April Fool 2020 Is Canceled Worldwide



April fool is an annual ritual popularized and celebrated globally by various cultures over the centuries on the first day of the month. The tradition encompasses harmless lies, hoaxes and practical jokes with the final shrilled squeak “April Fool!” summing up the prank. The trick never ceases to amaze the gullible lot, or perhaps they feign shock to mix the dash of surprised annoyance? Either way, the pranksters live for this day!

The thrill of telling false news and discerning the telltale signs or ostensible natural tics of a friend, family, or a colleague getting glazed eyes and falling head-first for your fabricated narrative, never gets tiring, all at the expense of few hoots, giggles and bewildered spectators.

Over the decades, the top brands and media caught up with the improbable, light-hearted pranks, pulling legs and spreading joy. The tech tycoons, Google, and Microsoft, are the lot on the top of our minds, who declared to forgo the April Fool ceremonial this year. Self-awareness demands it, and obligation deems it necessary, folks: *deep intake of breath* April fool 2020 is canceled, courtesy of COVID-19 pandemic. A crisis, flaunting the human tribulations with honor and pride, a mass killer of tens of thousands of people on a global scale, leaving no stones unturned to beseech the dire mass grave circumstances fervently.

The crux of the matter is, Earthlings are losing hope, and April fool cancellation was our final straw. Nothing comes out of amusing each other when the grim and ominous clouds are looming over us 24/7, with each second bringing a new death toll on the News. Once humans lost the amusement factor and acknowledged the negativity it imparts, the cancellation started to seem like a right call.

The United Kingdom

As the world is persisting in grasping the wittiness and media outlets are yielding to pitch the April fool jokes, Britains surpassed them all with the esteemed badge of self-awareness. Aye, they called to cancel the celebration of this day while branding it “insensitive,” a need of the hour stride, lads. They were loud and clear with their stance, 2020 does not need a specific day of amusement, the year so far has turned out to be a lousy frank on its own –  Ouch Coronavirus!

U.K. Twitteratis are all in the bandwagon to cancel the April fool jokes this year in the wake of COVID-19 calamity. The United Kingdom has 25, 150 confirmed coronavirus cases with the death toll of 1,789 as of March, as per BBC News reports.


Germans embrace a belief in their hearts and openly: April 1st is an unlucky day. They, as a nation, go as far as, shun the people born on this day. If that sounded personal, well, you are in for a rude awakening, they close off villages, postpone business ventures inauguration day,  livestock gets parceled off to the precincts of their basements, stalls emptied. April Fool has nothing on them. However, this year Germany urged citizens to abide by basic decency and avoid blowing out fake coronavirus stories for the sake of humanity. Germany has a fatality rate of 0.9%, as per the Time report.

The United States of America

#NoApril hashtag is running rampant on USA Twitter. Americans collectively holler one thing that matters today: Humor can wait this April Fools Day. Currently, the USA has 188,639 confirmed Coronavirus cases, with 4,059 deaths and 7,251 recoveries, as per

France & Italy

French Poisson d’Avril and Italian Pesce d’Aprile, aka April Fish, is an annual tradition celebrated in both the countries with sheer enthusiasm. It is an act of embossing an image of fish at the back of a naive person and count the minutes until the entire innocence cover blows, and indiscretion rears its head out of the closet.

Today, both the culturally diverse countries are in lockdown. Italy has 105,792 confirmed coronavirus cases with 12,428 deaths, whereas France has 52,128 confirmed cases and 3,523 deaths, as per Report.


The gist of Portuguese April Fool celebration is: throw a sack of flour on an unsuspecting closest acquaintance or stranger. April Fool 2020, Portuguese are hampering their whereabouts and activities by being stuck at their homes amidst coronavirus crisis. Portugal has 2,362 confirmed cases and 33 deaths.

India & Thailand – Ban April Fool

Countries are legit intimidating to banish and punish the perpetrators, inconsequently with the end game highlighting grave consequences: entry to DUNGEON-dom! Thailand and India are threatening severe implications for the citizens by throwing the words “legal action” and “jail time” to stop the rumor mill and fake news trend – people do nothing but fan the already kindled fire of misinformation –  regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Thailand has announced that by taking delight in the severity of the virus, you seal your fate to five years of imprisonment. To be patently honest, it entails halting the people in the mid-sentence, who, oh-so- jokingly conjure up – for real – life-threatening situations for other people amidst COVID-19 catastrophe.

April Fool 2019 – Nostalgia

Earthlings are dying to put an end to this nightmare – literally – the universal clock is ticking on its own accord with our collective fate in its clasp. The fume of nostalgia is choking and reviving us, blameless and clueless to the shrieks of our masked faces.  Did you take April Fool 2019 for granted? Let’s reminiscence the morning of that beautiful morning

Amid the clichéd and inconspicuous jokes, the chuckles, the belly laughs, and subtle quirked smiles, we basked in the lit humor of the April 1st, 2019. Google was wide awake with its innocent hoax and jokes, ranging from Snake on Google Maps to physical Screen Cleaner feature, good old days! Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlists and Lego’s harmless, not-so-sue-able fun, “Find My Brick,” app an imitation of Apple’s Find my iPhone app.

Hope the April Fool 2021 will be the day of trickery, hoax, easy banter, harmless, and light-hearted innovative jokes with sufficient leisure time to master a brilliant prank game. The global lockdown has taught us one thing in quite an abundance, live the day and laugh your heart and soul out while the opportunity pertains.

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