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A Friday Is a Gateway for Revitalizing Mental Stamina over the Weekend



Fridays are simply amazing. It is just a happy day for some reason (probably because it is the start of a weekend). We wake up happy, are energized, work efficiently, so much so that we even finish the work early to get home.

Looking forward to the weekend is what fuels us with energy. Many surveys and questionnaires have also indicated towards the likeability of Friday. The day is just light as a breeze.

We must direct our attention towards a question, what it is about Friday that makes us feel all breezy and light, but Mondays make us feel so miserable. One thing is quite clear that days have nothing to do with how we feel. It is our perception that makes us opinionated towards the days. We are happy on Fridays because we believe we can have time for ourselves. We feel we can focus on ourselves and rather than working for others, we can spend time on ourselves. The intention is good, but the application is not. Instead of personal growth, a majority opts towards ignorance.

Most people act to escape the reality of the week, and in a way, it becomes difficult for them to return to normal lives when they get back on Mondays. The ways weekends are spent seem to be a façade. This weekend, however, let us try and focus on ourselves which will allow us to sail through the coming week with same breeziness as it is on a Friday.

While partying and getting along with friends is absolutely fine, let us pledge to focus on ourselves this weekend. If you wish to energize yourself and calm your mind of the mental exhaustion you faced throughout the week, then here are some practical actions that you can take to revitalize your mental energy.

  1. Take a short solo trip: Driving is a stressful activity throughout the week, but on weekends, it can be therapeutic. Taking a drive to the outskirts of the city or maybe to another nearby town can allow you hours of silence which can be calming. Complementing the fun of driving with your favorite music will help your mind to unwind and relax. Mental relaxation is essential, and solo trips help you to relax mentally.
  2. Spend time alone: the digital age has made it hard for us to be out of contact ever. With the smartphone and internet and numerous social media applications, the feeling of missing a loved one is not as intense as it used to be. While it is good, some people argue that it has taken away the luxury of ‘space’ from our lives. Spending time alone and pondering upon the situations is an excellent way to analyze the circumstances in a stress-free environment. Spending time alone gives you to focus on your situation and even come up with ideas which can assist your personal development. Importance of me-time can never be stressed upon enough.
  3. Listen to calm and soothing music: What we listen impacts our minds. Every one of us has experienced this; when we listen to soothing music, we feel relaxed and mellow, whereas when we play loud and wild music, we feel stressed out after we are done listening.
  4. Listening to good music can determine the state of mind we go into. Listen to calm and peaceful music to unwind your brain, which gets exhausted from functioning at an intense capacity throughout the week.
  5. Do social service: Helping others is always satisfying. It leaves us feeling content on the inside. When we help those who are in a dire need for it, it gives us a different kind of happiness, a feeling that cannot be put into words. In such a competitive world, we often forget that there are people who might need us. The things that are minute to us might hold great value in the life of a needy. Try doing social work and go out of your way to help out others at least once a week. It is time we count our blessings and give a piece to those deprived of it.

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