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7 Games You Should Be Playing Right Now

the time of their lives since they finally have time on their hands to play every single game they want to. However, do you know which games are charting right now and which ones you should be playing?



7 Games You Should Be Playing Right Now

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Gamer?

The world is at a standstill right now, with not a single inkling of when matters can truly be expected to go back to normal. Many people are enjoying their time at home by spending it with their family members, while some are spending their time binge-watching TV shows on Netflix or practicing some workout routines at home to make sure they have their beach bodies ready when this ends. Nonetheless, when it comes to gamers, it is safe to say that they are all having a blast and the time of their lives since they finally have time on their hands to play every single game they want to. However, do you know which games are charting right now and which ones you should be playing?

If you don’t know the answer to that, you don’t need to worry since that’s what we’re here for. Fortunately, you do not need to own a gaming console to play some of the games mentioned further in this post, so read on to find out which games you should be playing right now.

PlayStation Games

PlayStation has an unshakeable reputation for being the OGs of creating trim and pristine gaming consoles, giving gamers the heads up that they need. If you do not own a PlayStation and prefer Xbox instead, you can still check out some of the games mentioned below to see if they are available.

1.      God of War

Every gamer out there has played some version of this brilliant creation. However, the latest version of God of War is unlike any other. In fact, the latest version offers a completely revamped structure and pace, as opposed to the previous versions. Of course, Kratos is still fuming, but this time, you need to be able to put up a striking fight in order to ensure that you win the end. The storyline is remarkable too.

2.      FIFA 19 & FIFA 20

FIFA has a reputation of its own and there hasn’t been a single game that has been able to even shake their status slightly. If you are a fan of some one-on-one football, then this is your go-to. The latest versions offer seamless play throughout the game and the manager mode is better than ever.

3.      Assassins Creed Odyssey

Assassins Creed is one of the best RPG games of the year, with thousands of different things to do within the game. This time around, Alexios and Kassandra are still incredibly strong personalities, but it’s the world around them that takes the trophy home. With numerous adventures and quests to go on, this is one of the best games out there to help you spend your time better.

4.      Grand Theft Auto 5

Whether your gaming days started with your desktop computer, or a gaming console, GTA must have been on your list of best games to play back in the day. Well, today is no different since GTA 5 has made sure to have every gamer hooked to it from the get-go. With improved graphics, the plot still circulates around Los Santos – but this nothing like a re-run from previous version so check it out.

Mobile Phone Games

If you do not own a gaming console, then there is no need to fret about it. Your smartphone that you use twenty-four hours a day also offers a vast variety of games, so take advantage of that. Here are some of the best mobile phone games that you should be playing right now:

5.      Call of Duty Mobile

If you have not played Call of Duty at some point in your life, can you really call yourself a true gamer? Luckily, this grand game is free-to-play on mobile phones and the graphics are as good as a console, with HD quality. It features customizable controls, 5v5 team deathmatch, sniper vs sniper and so much more!

6.      PUBG Mobile

Another classic battle royale, PUBG brings plenty of different styles to play in. You can fly helicopters in PayLoad mode while shooting down other players, get various guns, include missile launchers, or stick to classic modes aiming to get the highest kill count. The choices are endless. Even your characters are customizable and you get to choose whether you want to play in solo, duo or squad modes.

7.      The Sims

The Sims was once known best for being some of the best management simulation games, allowing you to create a world of your own with as many characters as you pleased. While it is less popular on gaming consoles today, it is heavily downloaded on mobile phones. With two different modes to choose from – SimCity or Sims FreePlay – there is no doubt you will find this simulation roleplaying enjoyable.

So if you’re still wondering what you can do to defeat the quarantine blues, then grab your gaming devices and download the aforementioned games to enjoy your time in peace.

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