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6 Things Apple’s Jony Ive Taught the World



If there is something for which Apple products have managed to position themselves in a differentiated way in the market, it is because of their design. And not only for its external minimalism but also for the usability of its systems.

This uniqueness is due to Sir Jonathan Ive KBE, Chief Design Officer of the company that has been working on each of Apple’s products since the 1990s, during which, he has been the right-hand man of Steve Jobs and Tim Cook. In fact, Jobs was once quoted, saying, “If I had a spiritual partner at Apple, it’s Jony.”

Ive’s designs have been largely popular in the entire spectrum of tech, and they gave a distinctive notion to Apple products. Jony has been credited for the innovative designs of Apple products which became a benchmark in the tech industry, and many tech companies that followed in the smartphone and tablet business continued to seek inspiration for their own products.

Now Jony Ive, after spending more than two decades at the company is set for a departure from the company. The reason behind his imminent departure is no controversy just that the designer wishes to delve into establishing his own business venture. It does carry an exciting prospect of what Ive is set to bring in the market concerning his own business venture.

Ive remained a key figure of the team which was responsible for reviving Apple, Inc. from its darkest days to one of the biggest tech giants in the world, and a trillion dollar company now.

Let us explore the deep lessons which he passed on throughout his time with Apple:

Creating with affection

When asked about what you hate, I’ve assures you, “most things,” because, in your opinion, most things are created based on cost or demand and very rarely are they made for people.

And, he says, although we do not always know why we like something, we do recognize when something is done with care and affection, and that applies to everything from the selection of materials to the design process.

  • Ideas are the engine of a company

Although today Apple is one of the most valuable companies, it was not always like that. In fact, in 1996, the brand was going through a time of great losses.

Staying focused on the product and transforming a fragile idea into something more concrete was, in part, what saved the company at its worst.

  • Learning to put the focus

It is one of the most difficult tasks because it is an effort. “It’s not like you decide to be focused for a month, but it requires an extraordinary daily effort, and part of it is knowing how to say no.” He adds: “The art of focusing means ignoring, leaving aside and that often means a real cost.”

  • Silence is the best ally

When he writes, he prefers silence in order to concentrate; but when you design, you cannot do it without music. His favorite genre is techno, and it cannot be absent in Apple’s design laboratories.

Ive believes that her job is to create new and innovative objects and products, but that somehow they have a sense of familiarity with the user.

  • Humility is the strongest virtue

His friends say that he is one of the humblest and most reserved people they know, and does not like to brag about his achievements.

He lives with his wife and children in a house worth $17 million in the Pacific Heights neighborhood. The house was designed by the firm Polk & Co., founded by Willis Polk, who was in charge of the design of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

  • Design and education need to focus on the basics

He believes that design schools do not currently teach students the traditional basic tools such as drawing and building by themselves. That’s why he enjoys spending time with his children designing and drawing on paper, and then building.

It is asserted that Ive’s departure from Apple shall be a monumental loss for the company. Surely, the tech giant in Silicon Valley can replicate those designs and may even go on to do better, but the presence, the influence, and the personality which Ive brought with him remain irreplaceable.

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