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20 ways to wake up with motivation



20 ways to wake up with motivation

The truth is that feeling motivated when you wake up every single day is extremely difficult. It is, in fact, one of the most taxing things to do at the start of the day. If it were that easy, then everyone would be doing it, and reaching sky high limits of their careers.

Meetup with an early riser

If you have a friend who is an early riser and has some time to sit down with you, then you can schedule a meetup with them. The thought of having to meet up a friend for a short talk would encourage you to get up early and get dress.

Manipulate your environment

You can treat yourself to a good breakfast, or set a timer on your coffee machine to prepare it for you as soon as you wake up. This will keep you hopeful of consuming something that you love to have the morning you wake up.

Stretch and meditate

The second you wake up, just give yourself five minutes to stretch and meditate. Not only will the stretching energize your body, but the meditation will also give you some much-needed peace of mind to start off your day.


Before you go to sleep, write a few things that you are thankful for, whether it is something that happened that very day. Read this when you wake up, and you will be guaranteed to feel motivated to achieve more.

Switch up your routine

Set small goals for your morning. Do something that you have not been doing before. You must have discovered over time that your current routine is doing absolutely nothing to help with your motivation, and so it is necessary that promise yourself to make small changes the next day that will benefit you.

Psyche yourself up

People give a lot less credit to self-talk than it deserves. The thing with self-talk is that you are encouraging yourself that you are the best at what you do. It is extremely important for your self-esteem as that is what you will carry with yourself as you stroll off to work in the morning.


If you are able to convince yourself to wake up early, then you can put on your favorite music, episode of a favorite series, podcast, or any entertainment you like to listen to, enjoy it as you have a hearty breakfast. Just motivate yourself for it before you go to sleep, and it will be something that will help you wake up early morning.

Your ultimate goal

We all have that one goal that we wish to achieve more than anything. It could be personal or career-related. Hence, make sure that you have space where you have written that goal and are able to view it every morning before you set out.

Set up tasks for the day

You will need to set up the tasks that you have to carry out for the rest of the day. You can use the Pomodoro technique where you work for 25 minutes and then relax for 10 minutes. This will help you get done faster, and your focus would be trained to last on one task.

Take breaks

Breaks are important when you are working. The reason for this is that you need to rewire yourself a little bit and freshen up your mind so that it does not go into overload. When someone overloads themselves with tasks and all the things that need to be done immediately, they cripple themselves from successfully carrying out their tasks.

Get proper sleep

If you wish to do well during the entire day, you will need to sleep well. A lot of people are surviving on 3 to 4 hours of sleep at night and then indulge themselves in real projects with congested deadlines. It is important you let your mind and body rest so it can be prepared for whatever comes the next day.


Allow a little bit of the warm sunlight to enter your home and wake you up our body clock responds well to the natural light and becomes energized for the day to come. A little bit of vitamin D has always been extremely beneficial for humans, and so it is best when you get a bit of it at the start of your day.

Dress yourself up

When you take out the time to dress yourself up, even when you don’t feel like in the morning, you will notice your levels of motivation rising. It is important that you take care of yourself up and dress up a little bit before heading off to work.

Try out a new recipe each day

Whether it is for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, make sure that you try out a new recipe every day. It does not have to something too glamorous, just a smoothie, salad, or your usual way of cooking salmon can be twisted up a little.

Learn a new skill

Even if you are in your office, strive to learn a new skill. It could be related to your career or something that would bring personal satisfaction.

Make a new friend each day

This could be in your office, or your local market place, wherever it is, just try to chat up a new person each day. You will get to know about them, their life, and what they do, who knows you might find a good friend.

Look for mentors

Mentors are great at lifting you up. Whenever you feel stuck in what you are doing, just enlist the help of a mentor who would guide you through it all.

Build your LinkedIn

This could be for some freelance work or your side business. You can come up with different ways to market yourself to potential suppliers and customers. This would be something challenging, and you would also enjoy it as you will be branding yourself.

Dedicate time to have fun

You need to make sure to lead a balanced life. Set out time for yourself after work where you can meet up with friends or do whatever makes you happy.


It is important that you practice some self-care when you come back. You have had a stressful day, and it is necessary that you devote some much needed time to yourself, both mentally and physically.

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