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10 Ways to Boost Confidence If It’s Crushed Badly

Thankfully, if your confidence is crushed badly, here are 10 ways to boost it and get back up on your feet. Confidence is something that every person has.



Boost Confidence
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The good news is that a lack of self-confidence is not inevitable but rather a dimension of our personality on which it is possible to work.

A lack of confidence could affect your performance in more ways than one. If you want to boost confidence in a positive way, there are plenty of things that you can do. Most people simply don’t understand just how badly their confidence can impact their daily lives.

If you are not careful, you could end up with seriously low self-esteem, which could impact your daily performance. People often start with great confidence but eventually begin to lose it along the way. It could be a tiny mistake, or an error, that caused you to stumble, but as you move along with the times, things could have a dire impact on your confidence.

Thankfully, if your confidence is crushed badly, here are 10 ways to boost it and get back up on your feet. Confidence is something that every person has. It’s what drives us to go into a job interview or to approach someone we are attracted to. But it can be hard for some people to boost their confidence, especially when they are feeling down about themselves.

Short-Term Solutions

Realize your strengths and accept your weaknesses

When we lack self-confidence, we tend to focus only on our flaws, even the smallest ones, and not see all of our positive sides.

It is true that we are far from all perfect, but we still have strengths to develop.

Knowing and accepting our weaknesses while becoming aware of our strengths, in order to consolidate or rebuild our self-confidence, is an absolute necessity.

To do this, list them (faults and qualities) trying to be as objective as possible and also write down all the compliments you receive.

As soon as you feel that a situation is overwhelming you or your confidence is weakening, take a break and take stock of what’s going on around you.  

Set yourself micro-challenges

Boosting your self-confidence is a long-term job that doesn’t happen overnight. But it is possible to cultivate it gradually by setting challenges that are easy and quick to achieve.

As you go, determine more and more ambitious objectives but be careful they must always remain SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Temporarily defined).

For example, are you a shy person? First, challenge yourself to go and say “hello” to your colleagues every morning, looking them in the eye. Then go and chat with them during the coffee break. Gradually, you will be able to offer them a restaurant and have a conversation with them.

Each successful challenge will give you a sense of pride and have a positive impact on your confidence.

Be proud of your successes and reward yourself

For many people, successes are forgotten faster than failures, which can lead to a lack of self-confidence. Yet being aware of your successes is invaluable.

So take the time to take stock of all your past successes and be proud of it.

Maybe you’ve launched a new project with flying colors, completed a difficult negotiation with a client, successfully hit your sales goals, or just spoke in a meeting overcoming your stage fright?  

Self-confidence is boosted when it is materialized, so don’t hesitate to turn your successes into real rewards.

To celebrate them, reward yourself by giving yourself a moment of pleasure such as an outing with your friends, a restaurant, a spa session or a movie, a new pair of shoes … this will allow you to make your success a reality in your eyes and also to those of others.

Give yourself the right to make mistakes

“To err is human”. “The only real mistake is the one that we learn nothing about.” You probably know these quotes? They mean that everyone makes mistakes, even the best of us.

But the mistake should be an opportunity to try to improve and learn from them so as not to repeat them.

If you make a mistake, it’s not the end of the world!

Identify what led you to commit it and use this experience to enrich your journey and move you forward.

Dare to Help

Recognition helps to gain self-confidence.

So, be empathetic towards others and do not hesitate to share your know-how and offer them your assistance.

For example, it could be a colleague of yours who is having difficulty using software, or a new employee who needs to be trained in the company’s business techniques.

By helping them, you will feel useful, and you will have better self-esteem.

10 Ways to Boost Confidence Dare to help
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Don’t worry about how others look

Criticism, mockery, competitiveness, it is sometimes difficult to impose yourself, to find your place and to face these situations without feeling devalued.

So, let go of the way others look at you and stop worrying about hearsay. No matter what your colleagues think or say, you live for yourself, not for them!

And if the doubt is expressed by your manager, minimize the scope as much as possible.

Take care of your appearance

Appearance is a source to boost confidence. Taking care of your appearance goes through clothing, accessories, hairstyle, cleanliness, these are all factors that will impact your confidence.

So choose clothes that erase your “flaws” and in which you feel comfortable. The idea is not to wear a suit and tie if your profession does not require it and you hate it!

Ladies, adopt a hairstyle and makeup that enhance you and gentlemen, favor a close shave.

For example, if a bad breath phobia keeps you from talking to coworkers, bring your toothbrush and toothpaste to work and brush your teeth after your lunch break.

Get Psychotherapy

When the lack of confidence is long-lasting and leads to psychological suffering or lasting dissatisfaction, psychotherapy may be necessary.

Talking about your difficulties and starting work on yourself with a psychologist, psychotherapist or psychoanalyst can help to better understand your strengths, accept your weaknesses, overcome obstacles and overcome this lack of self-confidence.

Perform a Skills Assessment

Taking stock of your professional skills, your qualities, and your aspirations with the help of a professional will help you regain self-confidence.

Indeed, a skills assessment is an excellent way to get to know yourself better professionally and to become aware of your strengths and achievements.

This highlighting of your strengths will allow you to boost your self-confidence and move forward by possibly starting a new project (training, VAE, retraining, etc.).

Finally, be aware that a skills assessment can be done remotely or face-to-face, regardless of your age.

Work with a Personal Coach

To regain your self-confidence, calling on a professional coach is an excellent solution.

Its role is to help you get to know yourself better, ask yourself the right questions, identify what you want (or don’t want) and achieve certain goals that you cannot achieve on your own.

By reaching your professional goals with the help of a career coach, your self-confidence will only improve!

A person who is confident in himself tends to have a positive opinion of himself, is willing to take risks to achieve his personal and professional goals, and is optimistic about his future; Because it is considered capable of taking risks.

Confidence in Yourself is Everything

To have good interpersonal communication with others, as in ourselves, trust is essential. We need to feel secure in what we think, feel and do in order to be able to convince and confidently expose our ideas. In addition, it is necessary to trust the people closest to us, open up and talk to them about our emotions and feelings. This will help us to feel more confident in ourselves, we will feel valued, and we will gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. Trusting ourselves is necessary to be able to communicate with those around us regardless of the environment.

We are what we believe in, and it has been proven that positive beliefs drive us and enlighten us, and negative beliefs paralyze us and destroy us.

Trust is a power we feel when we are convinced that something will come into our life, because we have the power to create it. It is that power that we feel when we have the certainty that we can influence our reality. Trust is the security that someone has in another person or something. Lack of self-confidence limits your full potential.

Confidence is one of the most powerful parts of the mind. When you need help, confidence will help you. When you have to change something, trust will help you change it. When you need guidance, trust will guide you. When you want to find something, confidence will find it. The greatest example of a person who had confidence is Ariana Huffington, who was rejected by 36 publishers. It’s obviously quite disturbing to be rejected by 36 publishers. She tried multiple times, only to face rejection. Eventually, Huffington came those bouts of failure and became the founder of what is now the famous Huffington Post.

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