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Best Horror Movies: 10 Thrilling, Chilling Films to Watch for Halloween 2021

We are in the most chilling time of the year, so we decided to do a count with the best horror movies of 2021, so you can have a marathon of fear as we are just around the corner from Halloween 2021.



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We are in the most chilling time of the year, so we decided to do a count with the best horror movies of 2021, so you can have a marathon of fear as we are just around the corner from Halloween 2021.

This year we already had more options on the billboard in theaters compared to the past, in addition, in 2021 titles did not stop being added to the catalogs of the different streaming platforms, which gave us good material for this list of recommendations! If you are looking to turn on the fear factor and enjoy some of the best horror movies of the year, we have got quite a bit of interesting stuff for you.

There have been a lot of horror films released over the year, many of which were from Hollywood, but owing to the rise of different streaming platforms, we are now also able to explore the cinematic works from other countries. This Halloween 2021, there were quite a few movies that we thought we’d point out. Here are the most popular best horror movies!

Titane 2021 | Horror/Thriller

Director Julia Ducournau, known for her work on Raw (2016), is back with a shocking story that, by the way, won the Palme d’Or at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. Titane currently has a limited release in Mexico by the FICM framework and will soon arrive at Mubi.

Last Night in Soho 2021 | Horror/Drama

We close the month of October with this valuable premiere that you can enjoy in movie theaters. The director is Edgar Wright, who now presents us with a psychological thriller, with a touch of horror and a very aesthetic visual proposal, starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie.

Antlers 2021 | Horror/Mystery

Another recommendation from our list of best horror movies of 2021 to see from the armchair and that has the appeal of having been produced by Guillermo del Toro. Here, a solitary little student is in charge of feeding a demon in his house, until it escapes and begins to eat people. Her teacher and the sheriff (who is her brother) investigate the case.

Halloween Kills 2021 – The Night Is Not Over Yet | Horror/Thriller

You still get to see this movie in the theater. This is the penultimate installment of the franchise, with a Michael Myers who returns once again after freeing himself from the trap of Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis), who fights the monster again, now accompanied by his daughter and granddaughter, but also the people unite to fight with them.

Malignant – One of the Best Horror Movies of the Past Year | Crime, Horror, Mystery

It went through the box office and is now streaming. The film marks James Wan‘s return to best horror movies, with a visual bet that seeks to be as disturbing as it is novel. In the movie, Madison suffers from horrific murder visions, but it all gets worse for her when she discovers that they are terrifying realities. It is available on HBO Max.

Spiral – The Game of Fear Continues 2021 | Crime/Horror/Mystery/Thriller

Since we mentioned Wan, director of Saw: Macabre Game (2004), a new installment of the franchise recently arrived, with Samuel L. Jackson as a police veteran working with Detective Zeke Banks (Chris Rock) and his rookie partner, together they are tasked with investigating a series of spiral-shaped murders. It is available for rent on Apple TV, Amazon and YouTube.

Demonic 2021 | Horror/Supernatural

Neill Blomkamp, ​​the director of Sector 9 (2009) ventures into the realm of horror with a story that combines the supernatural with technology (which he had already explored in Chappie, 2014 and Elysium, 2013), when a daughter visits her mother, who is in a coma, and enters his mind through a simulation, in which he will have contact with a supernatural creature. You can see it with your Amazon subscription.

The 8th Night 2021 | Horror

We know that Asian cinema is a must in this field, that’s why we bring from South Korea to the world, this film that is on Netflix ready to scare you. It is about a monk who, with an ax, pursues an ancient spirit that possesses humans and unleashes hell on Earth.

The Fear Street Saga 2021 | Drama/Horror/Mystery

Paying homage to the horror classics of the 80s and 90s, this trilogy transported us to a small American town that has long been plagued by a witch’s curse. A group of teenagers will have to face this evil to stop it once and for all.

The Exorcism of Carmen Farías 2021 | Horror

The Mexican option, which you can see on Amazon, has Camila Sodi as the protagonist. A journalist who inherits her grandmother’s house, a place where the fight against a demon began that she must now end. Opinions are divided about this production, so it is best to watch it to get your own opinion.

The Conjuring 3 – The Devil Made Me Do It 2021 | Horror/Thriller

The most recent adaptation of one of the cases of Ed and Lorraine Warren, inspired again by a real event, became famous because the accused of a homicide used in his defense, accompanied by investigators of the paranormal, who acted like this by demonic possession. It is also on HBO Max.

“The most powerful human emotion is fear. It is the essence of any good thriller to be able to make believe in the Big Bad Wolf for a moment,” director John Carpenter told Time on November 16, 1987. A few days after Halloween, how do we explain the thrill that we get from watching these amazing films on the big screen?


Pleasure and Satisfaction Hormones

Fear is a natural emotion. On a daily basis, it is triggered by our survival instinct at the time of danger to put us in a state of vigilance. “It makes it possible to verify that our warning system is functioning”, clarifies Laura Gélin, psychoanalyst. When we live this emotion, “hormones like endorphin and adrenaline are secreted”, reveals the professional, and helps to overcome fear.

Once the emotion has passed, “dopamine, a very addictive satisfaction hormone, is a real reward”, continues the psychoanalyst. Satisfied with having overcome fear, we feel pleasure. However, we are not all equal in the face of horror. “Some people get scared so easily that they don’t prefer to see these films, and others can be addicted to them thanks to the strong satisfaction benefit of having overcome the fear”, develops Laura Gélin.

Watching representations of death sitting on a cinema chair or on his sofa also helps to “tame and triumph over it.” The repetition of death kills death”, interprets Dominique Sipière, a specialist in classic Hollywood cinema and professor emeritus at the University of Paris-Ouest-Nanterre.

We are talking here about so-called “voluntary” and not “real” fears, “nobody wants to confront them when we live in a daily environment in a climate of war or attacks,” corrects Laura Gélin. Feeling fears that you know to be unreal is also a good way to forget your real anxieties.

For an hour and a half, it attracts attention and cuts us off from reality and from the problems that we may have in real life. Without forgetting that we are exposing ourselves to a dangerous situation by taking no risk: “At the end of the film, we know that the frightful monsters will be punished”, comments Dominique Sipière.

“Watching a horror movie is a way to feel alive. It makes you feel strong feelings that allow you to have self-confidence, ”begins the professional. A phenomenon that appeals especially to teenagers who watch horror films in pairs or in groups. “Confronting fear in a group makes it possible to accentuate the excitement and to share strong emotions. Having the same experience is a means of social cohesion,” explains Laura Gélin.

Seduced by Cinematographic Processes

Great directors manage to play with emotions. They master surprise and suspense, the two means of provoking fear. With the first, “we come face to face with the monster when we see it,” says Dominique Sipière. With the second, we know that there is something monstrous somewhere, but we don’t see it. We invent and build our own fear”. And here is perhaps the most frightening option: “What is the most frightening, it is what one imagines”, specifies the psychoanalyst Laura Gélin.

The effects of contrast, in terms of sound, with the importance of music and silences, but also in the incarnation of evil, participate in this perceived fear. In a lot of movies, the horrible object is a music box or a small object. “Take, for example, the film adaptation of the novel It by Stephen King.

The clown, the most reassuring object in the world for children, represents absolute horror there,” reveals Dominique Sipière. It’s movies like these that tend to stand the test of time and are widely regarded as some of the best horror films in the world. As we move past Halloween 2021, go watch some of these films and really get your fear on if you want to enjoy and get your heart beating. Plan a party so you can enjoy it with your whole group!

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